Rabbits (or rather brown hares) near Mikulov

They are many rabbits or rather those wild brown hares in the vicinity of Mikulov / Nikolsburg, I posted a picture of local rabbits, well again those are brown hares, in the DailyRabbits blog but I’ll repost it here. I took the picture a few days ago about 1 km from our hotel, Pension Nikolsburg, that I believe offers the cheap but also best accommodation and overnight stay options  in Mikulov (really! Cheap and best, is it possible? Oh yes!) on the way to Pottenhofen (what a beautiful name for a village, I love it – you must speak German to understand the soft warmth of all those place names). So not just culture and architecture and wine, there is plenty of wildlife around but please only use camera to shoot it.

rabbits or rather hares near Mikulov

rabbits or rather hares near Mikulov


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