Welcome to Nicolsburg or Mikulov

Well, this is more of a dairy for a tiny conventional start up, a small hotel or bed and breakfast in historic Mikulov or Nikolsburg (also Nicolsburg).  Please visit the website I put together for the project – the pension Nicolsburg, which I think will be or is the best pension or well, since pension means retirement, then bed and breakfast or a mini hotel in today’s Mikulov.

How good is this micro hotel of just seven rooms. Well, I had three guests so far and all of them want to come again and two are buying property in Mikulov.

This blog is not only about finding accommodations in Mikulov (Nikolsburg) but about the region of Southern Moravia and adjacent Weinviertel of Lower Austria. daily life, tourism, food and other things, nice or not so nice.

I will try to post at least one digital picture from Nikolsburg or Mikulov or the region every day, though of course there could be some pauses. I promise to be diligent.  Normally I am into analogue photography but digital is… well, instant.

Because Flickr is dead, I created a new Mikulov / Nikolsburg photo group on the Ipernity.com (a great site by the way). Come on board and add your own pictures.

Here is a today’s photo of the Mikulov or Nikolsburg castle of Dietrichsteins and the Church of St. Wenceslas (Wenzelkirche, Kostel Sv. Václava) with a helicopter flying by! That’s a rare occasion, so rare that I don’t remember sighting anything like that at the sight.  In any case the helicopter is a Québec built Bell 206L-4T, registration OK-ZIU, of (Czech) Alfa Helicopters.

The view is the view from the terrace of the Pension Nicolsburg.  You can of course enjoy the same view, hopefully without any helicopters, if you decide to stay here.

View on Mikulov - Nikolsburg from our bed and breakfast balacony - terrace

View on Mikulov – Nikolsburg from our bed and breakfast balacony – terrace


A helicopter flying over Pension Nicolsburg

A helicopter flying over Pension Nicolsburg

Today we are officially opened. But there is still some (pleasant) disorder and a lot needs to be done.







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